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Judy Yo is a Zambian RnB artist whose music career began in 2008 when she was 18 years old. She is the seventh born in a family of eight children. She attended Hillcrest Secondary School and was initially not into music as art had taken its toll on her. Her mother inspired her to become a musician and this saw her starting to record music after high school.

She made a mark in the country’s music scene through her debut album titled ‘Supernatural Woman’. The album instantly shook the industry and quickly caught the attention of the organizers of the Born & Bred Video awards in 2009 when she received her maiden nomination. Unfortunately, her ‘Even If Video’ which was directed by the Don under K-Amy Studios was upstaged by Mel B’s ‘In Your House’ in the Best Female Video category.

Her second eight-track album titled ‘Chikawama’ (2012) features tracks such as ‘Anaka’, ‘Bepushe’ featuring P Jay, ‘Filachitika’ featuring Dalisoul, ‘Where You Are’, ‘Umunandi’ and ‘Niwe’. The ‘Chikawama’ song was named ‘Song of the Month’ on Radio Phoenix’s Rhythm Count Down, upstaging the likes of JK’s ‘Pistol’ and B1’s ‘Perfecto’.

She has since embarked on several projects which include the shooting of videos taken from her second album titled ‘Chikawama’ as well as live shows starting with Livingstone before moving to the Copperbelt. She adds a bit of edge on her music singing against the abuse and defilement of women and children.

Besides music, she is a former Public Relations student of NIPA, has been seen as the girl who is open to working with people who add value to her music genres and in her own words and does not have any grudge with any female artiste.

ZMLusaka, Zambia


Judy Yo Yo
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