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Jonathan Sebunya is a Ugandan musician and music producer based in Kampala, Uganda. He is the founder of Sebun Records. The eldest of three boys, Jonathan went actively into music in 2011, putting in endless practice sessions, long nights and at times even going without food or sleep. He is a vocalist and plays a number of instruments, including guitar, saxophone, bass guitar, piano and traditional instruments from the region such as local drums and thumb piano, among others.

Jonathan has performed at several festivals, including the World Music Festival in Kampala (2011 and 2012), Laba Street Art Festival (2012) and DOADOA in Jinja, Uganda (2012). He has also taken part in a number of workshops in Uganda and Europe. In mid-2013 he performed alongside the likes of Dolus Mutombo, jazz legend Gunter Hampel and the Irish band Cox and the Riot.


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Jonathan Sebunya

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