Join Hands Together


Founded in 2005, Join Hands Together is a Gambian hip-hop outfit made of two members. The group started off as a duo with Kangfore (real name Bamba Marong) and Normal as founding members. Join Hands Together now has three members. In 2010, they were joined by Godfather (real name Pa Mamadi). In 2006, the duo released a first single titled ‘Bamba’ followed by second single titled ‘Join Bi’.

In 2012, they released a single ‘Goum-goum’. In 2013 they released a 19-track mixtape titled ‘Santa Ak Ngum’. The project was mixed and mastered at HeartCold Records. In 2014, they released a music video entitled ‘Goum-goum’. In 2015, they started getting recognition from neighboring countries and were invited to perform at shows and festivals in Senegal.

In 2015, they celebrated their ten years anniversary with a spectacular show and invited hip-hop artist Ordielas all the way from Senegal. As of March 2016, they were working on their second mix tape entitled ‘High Brain’. Some of their popular songs are ‘Senegambia’, ‘Bamba’ and ‘Join Bi’.

GMBanjul, Gambia


Join Hands Together
Profile added by Bakary Ceesay on 29 Apr 2016