John Fire (John Masiye Ndaferankhande) is a celebrated Malawian


John Fire is a celebrated Malawian Musician. He does Afro pop, Afro-Jazz and ethno/traditional music. John Fire's music carrier dates back to 2002 when he released a single antitled "Modilewe". It was done in Mbira style at it captured the attention of the legendary late South African singer Alikatt who later on helped John Fire in recording his first album "Wondilenga" at Magee records in South Africa, which was released in 2011. Since then John Fire's music has continued to grow and evolve.

Recently in 2018 John Fire released his second album "Emmanuelle" which was launched in front of a record crowd at the Jacaranda cultural centre in Blantyre, Malawi. He is now working on his third album "zathu zomwe" which is a blend of Malawian traditional sounds. John Fire has drwan a lot of inspiration form the legendary Oliver Mtukudzi, Paul Symon, Johnny glegg and the Black Mambazo.


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