JIT CREW BAND Jit Crew Arts Production was formed way back in 1999 by Stephen “Uncle” Mbengo
Vocalist, peccussionist, dancer and mbira player after along self-research in traditional
music and African Music. And later teamed up with Victor Zinyohwera, Trymore Jumbo
Zorro, Steven Wistati on vocals, dances and mbira alongside the late Pillane Dube
“Mzala” and the late Kenny Neshamba, as guest drum from black spirits – since 2000 Jit
Crew established itself as one of Zimbabwe’s outstanding musical outfit with a passion of
mbira of its own kind, in live shows in and around Harare and Zimbabwe.
Jit Crew’s musicians are drawn from different parts of Southern Africa and the chemistry
of these musical accents creates a fresh unique afro sounds of original and flok songs
from the core live shows in which the band performed in a wide repertoire of shows with
the likes of Oliver Mtukudzi, Cool cronnels, Paul Lunga, Andy Brown & Storm, Colonel
Blue, Alous Mhlanga, Ndingo Johwa, Kafig dance company (France) and Chiwoniso
Maraire just to mention a few.
Due to political unrest in Zimbabwe the band dispersed to Johannesburg in the Republic
of South Africa, Botswana . Later. 2011 The band resumes its performances in South
Africa where the band is currently based.
Our music with time has changed and gained maturity brings a flavor of Zulu, Tswana
lyrics into Mbira/Marimba rhythms is a flavor of its own in history of Mbira/Marimba music
this cultural interlink

Some of the festivals attended
2000 – Harare International festival of Arts (HIFA) fringe campaign
2001 – Kafig recital tour at alliance 7 Alliance Franchise De Harare
2001 – Southern Africa music cross roads music competition held at Kenzim Centre
Harare Kenya / Zimbabwe
2002 – Chibuku road to fame finals at glams stadium Harare.
Live at Amakhosi Theatre Bulawayo
2003 – Winners of young Africa festival of Arts at Young Africa Skills Centre Zimbabwe.
2004 – Huriyadzo music festival
Chibuku road to fame at Nyamutamba Hotel Chitungwiza Zimbabwe
2006 – Peace & Solidarity concert at Harare Garden Zimbabwe
2007 – British council (Power in the voice) at Gaborne Main Mall (Botswana).
2011 – Oukasi Hall (Brits) NorthWest at One Touch music production launch South
2012 – Artist fight against crime campaign at Mabibeng (South Africa)
2019 – Hartebeespoort Dam, Camilion Village South Africa

In operation since: 


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