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Jazz Amba School of Music provides free music education to the public at its school. You can be part of this effort and help inspire the next generation of music legends.

The jazz scene in the different parts of the metropolitan is mounting from time to time, hosting plenty of local and international acts on regular basis. Seeing the ever growing demand for jazz, which had its zenith in 50s and 60s; JazzAmba School of Music, stepped forward to present more education on Ethio-Jazz to the public under a conductive musical atmosphere.

It is the main conviction of JazzAmba School of Music that it will continue its contribution to revive jazz and other music types in the country.

It was first established as Africa Jazz School Plc by five like-minded individuals in September 2000. About its renaming process. It is one of the prominent music schools with the goal of supporting for the growth of music entertainment industry.

It was opened aiming at fostering and upgrading jazz education that enables to help put new young artists. So far it has enrolled more than 150 students and graduated over 25. The teachers have extensive educational background and are the most prominent musicians in Ethiopia. The school also has received extensive attention from the public because of the 'Free' education it started offering in this academic year, 2012/13.

Its income is planned to be subsidized by the income generated from the fund-raising concerts and musical performances that are planned to be organized under the lounge.


ETAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
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