Jay Boy


Born Jason Chansa Munzele on 8 March 1990 in Lusaka, Zambia, Jay Boy is a Ndola based hip-hop artist whose passion for music began at a tender age. He attended Chiwala School which produced the late President Mwanawasa. His interest became visible in 1997 when he started singing and rapping with his friend Aaron Mwale while doing his seventh grade in Kafue, Lusaka.

Shortly afterwards, the Munzeles shifted from Kafue, Lusaka down to Ndola (Kopala) where he mate musicians such as Proove, Da-Emmy, Kay Ice (Kapambwe Mwamba), Brushman, Shiznit (Wiza basharashi Chirambo, Triple K (kkk) and Macky2. Jayboy has so far not recorded an album but is rather working on putting his songs together. He has only released one song ‘. Cry 4 Zambia’ (Tilila). The single featured his former school mate Chiwala Boy.

ZMNdola, Zambia


Jay Boy
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