JaiCee Cole


JaiCee Cole is a Namibian singer whose journey as a musician began in 2000 when his friend Christi Warner established a band called Explode. The group recorded promo songs for TV and radio. When the group broke up, Cole and his friend M Rock established another group called Rock n JaiCee. The duo managed to release three videos and held quite a number of performances. The group gave him the opportunity to meet and collaborate with different producers, such as Kanibal, Eclipse, Ruk, Gigimadagogo, J Productions, Stalin, Trace and Andy C'lva.

Apart from music, JaiCee Cole is also into film and theatre. He has featured in various theatrical productions, such as ‘The Laughing Man’ (2002), ‘Rich Man’ (2003) and ‘Animal Farm’ (2005).

NAWindhoek, Namibia


JaiCee Cole
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