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The general purpose of the International Community School (ICS) music program is to support the ICS Mission, which is: The International Community School of Addis Ababa, accredited in the United States, develops the talents and intellects of a multicultural student body using learner-centered, holistic instructional methods, empowering each student to contribute in an evolving world.

The music program is designed as standards-based courses that will allow students to become life-long music lovers in whatever capacity. Through music, students increase their awareness of diverse cultures and beliefs, other academic subjects, encourage public poise and can express meaning and emotions. Offerings include: Middle School Band, Survey of Music, Concert Choir, Jazz Band, and the Association of Music for International Schools Band.

The ICS music program addresses the learning needs of the whole child. Studies in music address the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and aesthetic development of people of all ages. Music engages students by providing an experiential approach to the learning experience. Studying music allows learners to be successful by addressing various learning styles and intelligence.

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International Community School
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