IconiKidZ is a South African hip hop duo officially formed in 2020 in Kimberley, Northern Cape, consisting of rappers Rebxrn Kiing and Iconik Nino. They are widely recognized for their catchy hooks, relatable lyrics and their memorable stage performances.


Genres: Trap-soul | Hip hop

Origin: Kimberley, Northern Cape

Year active/started: 2020 - Present

Projects: State Of Mind (Released March 5th, 2023)

Singles: Cold Shoulder, Fast Life, Loco, Hate Never Wins, & Company

Affiliations: The Wayy Music Group, Mega P, Chado, Martin J Bless,Bergie Fresh, Bxscuit.

IconiKidZ pronounced as Iconic Kids are two young boys old pursuing their dreams, and their motto is to inspire people that you are never too young or too old to start pursuing what you love. On top of their aspirations, they both agree on being the biggest duo in the music industry. On how they came up with their name, Iconik Nino says "We just loved working together since 'Company' then we thought of making it a duo. Then we suggested names then @Rebxrn Kiing suggested IconiKidZ too then we went with it because it defines how we are "iconic".

Collaborations and work:They released their highly anticipated debut EP, State Of Mind, on March 5th, 2023, which garnered over 1000 listens in its first week of release. The project features collaborations with industry friends  like Bergie Fresh, Saynt, ITSGODSGRACE• Producers they worked with include Ron Epidemic, Saynt,THEONLLYJIMMY, Young Steeze.

Their singles, including "Cold Shoulder," "Fast Life," "Loco," "Hate Never Wins," and "Company," have gained widespread attention with "Loco" still gaining more significant attention with over 1000 views on YouTube and 1000 plays on Soundcloud. The single was also featured on a national radio station, Ligwalagwala FM.

The duo has achieved notable accomplishments, including entering The Hive Artist Competition, where they were among the top five entrants out of 129, and winning an award for their "Cold Shoulder" music video. The music video debut was their best highlight to close off the year 2020 on a high note with it debuting on the popular music TV Channel O. The music video garnered over 1k views in 24 hours on YouTube, and it also got them nominated for Best Music Video and Best Duo 2020/2021 at the Northern Cape Hip Hop Awards. The single which features Martin J Bless from Pretoria reached number 1 on the local community radio station RTS FM Top 40 Chart Countdown with Jerry Kale.

IconiKidZ's most significant highlight was almost collaborating with the late international superstar AKA, whom they met twice and had a private dinner with. The duo came up in the Top 10 out of 30 contestants at the Northern Cape Talent Expo, of which the winner was given an opportunity to work with AKA.

 They were also featured in Mega P - "Change$" single and music video. Acedapilot from the USA is also secured as an international feature for the deluxe version of IconiKidZ's tape.

In addition to their music career, IconiKidZ has also been featured in various...


ZAKimberley, South Africa
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