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i6ty.com is group of media professionals, whom are working towards archiving the one goal which is connecting Africa Gospel Musicians to the world. i6ty connects artist from different parts of regions in Africa, from East, West, North to South. i6ty is creative and as platform for any artist that has a vision which is aligned with our vision.We want to make the world a better place through talent that God has given his people.We have manage to establish a music label for artist that are not able to stand on there own, offering management and promotion all over Africa. Giving back to the community is its goal. Its strategic objectives are: 1. Developing and growing creative businesses. 2. Developing and supporting creative talent. 3. Fostering the development of creative clusters. 4. Identifying new and expanding markets for creative content. 5. Promoting the talent and creativity in Africa. 6. Advocating the economic and cultural contribution of the creative industries.

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