Henrie Mutuku


Henrie Mutuku is a multi-award winning Kenyan Gospel Singer.
Mutuku was born in Nairobi in 1978, the firstborn in her family. She grew up in Eastlands, a densely populated area in Nairobi inhabited by generally low income residents, and from a very young age was exposed to a diverse range of music styles including R&B, Reggae, Rap, Benga, Lingala and other African blends of music.

She learned to sing and play the piano, and started performing early in life at family gatherings before graduating to singing in Sunday School class in a neighborhood church and later with the church choir. Mutuku considered pursuing a singing career during high school, where she was an active member of the Drama Club and Choir mistress for the school choir.

She started working in music with local Christian artists like Izzo and Pete Odera as a background vocalist. She later featured predominantly in a 2002 compilation album ‘Rebirth’ produced by Soul Child Inc. Her career was catapulted after winning the KORA 2002 Best Artiste East Africa.

Mutuku's debut album was 'Simama' (Stand) which has gone on to contribute hit songs like 'Usichoke' (featuring Roughtone and R.Kay) and 'Manzi wa Maana' (featuring K.J. of Redykulass-a Kenyan comedy troupe).
She has curtain raised for Bebo Norman at two concerts, allowing her to make her first music video, 'Nakuhitaji' (I Need you), created by the local Family T.V. for the promotion of the Bebo Norman Tour.
In 2003 she won two Kisima awards. She was also nominated for a Kora Award in 2003.


KENairobi, Kenya


Henrie Mutuku
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