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HB Toxic is made up of two very talented young girls from Uganda called Hellen and Brenda. Both these girls met and started their career over five years ago in a dance group called Obsessions. After a few long years of training and performing together, the girls noticed each others potential and then decided to break off to start their own dynamic duo which they called HB Toxic.

Both the HB Toxic girls have finished their Primary and secondary school. Currently, Hellen is in Makerere Business School while Brenda who used to design all of the Obsessions stage costumes is pursuing her dream to become a great fashion/clothes designer.

They call themselves HB Toxic because they believe the name reflects on their amazing and intoxicating personalities. HB stands for the Initials of their first names- Hellen & Brenda. They added Toxic because they believe they are going to intoxicate all Ugandan, East African and more people world wide with their dancing and singing skills.

The group mainly sings their songs in English, Luganda and Swahili. As of September 2008, the girls have five major songs. All I need, Lovely, Nkusaba, Toxic Ragga and Kyeninawo featuring Megga Dee. Their songs feature remixes by hit artists like AY. The girls’ performance is a mind blowing dance act with great singing that always leaves the crowd begging for more.

With only a few months since HB Toxic launched, they have hit all radio waves and are on very high demand around East Africa. The duo has been nominated for the best new artiste at the Mtv Africa Music Awards (MAMA’s). The HB girls have performed as curtain raisers for several shows including the P-Square show in Nairobi, The Elephant man show at the Silk Street Bash in Kampala, The Rasheeda Crunk Cookout in Kampala and Professor J’s album launch in Tanzania.

UGKampala, Uganda


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