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Hailemichael Getnet a.k.a. Haile Roots’ regular childhood couldn’t prepare him for what was to come. Born on September 25, 1982, the thought of becoming a musician never crossed his mind as he attended elementary studies at Selassie Cathedral School and then Minilik II Secondary School for his high school studies. Growing up in Addis Ababa, he had great desires to be a famed soccer player or a painter but he never imagined himself as a musician.

Haile Roots remembers the exact time he got hooked on music and had that burning wish to become a singer. In 1993, he attended a Reggae music concert organized by the late DJ Z. It’s from that moment on that Haile Roots started obsessing over Reggae music. He joined the music industry with his first collaboration with Abera Mola and Tigist Bekele. With an uncommon ability to sing and his unconditional passion for music, it didn’t take long for Haile Roots to become a household name after he dropped his album 'Chiggae' in the Ethiopian market in late 2011.

The album features 13 tracks including his smash hits 'Bado neber', 'Chiggae' and 'Netsuhe Quanquayen'. His debut album which has garnered him a lot of fans from all corners of Ethiopia, features collaboration works with Lucciano and the celebrated Ethiopian musician Teddy Afro.

Haile Roots has set up his own band named after his debut album 'Chiggae'. The band has 6 members. With his first tour in the US approaching, Haile Roots has got his hands full. He sings about diverse issues, including love, and takes pleasure in writing songs that reflect the regular life of Ethiopians.

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Haile Roots
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