Hagos Suzinino


He gained his nick name from one of his popular short comedy films titled ‘Suzinino’. Although best known for hilarious short comedies, which he writes himself, artist Hagos Woldgebriel (Suzinino) is also a talented singer with a number of popular songs.

He was born in 1976 and grew up in Alfermayo area in Asmara. He was very much interested in sports as a child and used to play basketball, volleyball and also swim in the Asmara Swimming Center. His friends and family expected him to become an important sportsman. But he later opted to become a musician and comedian, earning the nickname 'Suzinino' from one of the productions he took part in.

ERAsmara, Eritrea


Hagos Suzinino
Profile added by Stanley Gazemba on 15 Sep 2015