Gwamba (real name Duncan Zgambo) was born in Malawi on 4 November 1990. Based in Lilongwe, he is one of the well-known rappers in the country. He is signed to Prime Time Media. His music is sung in Chichewa language. His life as a rapper began in 2005 in high school while doing Form 1. He attended St Johns Catholic Secondary School. While at school, he formed a music group called Pittie Boiz. It comprised of the following members: Cyclone, Emm Q and L.I.

He began to work as a solo artists when he finished high school. This saw him releasing a debut single called 'Work That Thing’. In 2008, he launched a video which was screened on Television Malawi (now MBCtv).

He has worked with local hip-hop artists like BarryOne, Young Kay, Third Eye, Phyzix and dancehall artist Blakjak. In 2013, he was voted Best hip-hop Artist of The Year at the Malawi Music Awards. In 2014, he released an album called ‘Kudutsa Pakhoma’.

MWLilongwe, Malawi


Duncan Zgambo
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