Grassroots Theatre Services Zimbabwe (GTSZ)


Formerly known as Grassroots Theatre Company (GTC), Grassroots Theatre Services Zimbabwe (GTSZ) is an arts organization based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. It was established in 1987 by a group of young college graduates from the Youth Contact Centre (YCC) in Bulawayo.

It was founded when these students decided to come up with a series of theatre workshops and established Grassroots Performing Arts Project (GPAP). GTSZ specializes in the development of theatre through the use of dance, drama and music as a process of informing and empowering Zimbabweans in the country and abroad.

It has an annual UK touring programme which is hosted by Grassroots Arts UK (GAUK). The organization has nurtured many young artists from the Bulawayo region thus giving them opportunities to showcase their talents and perform to a wide audience both in Southern Africa and abroad.

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Grassroots Theatre Services Zimbabwe (GTSZ)
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