Godfrey Violist


Godfrey Lungu, well known as Godfrey Violist
Is one of the Zambian artists who always puts up a smile on his face. He is a an intermediate Violist who plays classic, hip-pop, gospel, traditional and easily adopts any type of music.

In 2019 He joined the church orchestra, firstly learnt a descant recorder mainly for soprano and after some time he switched to an alto treble recorder. He wanted to learn a flute but the church had no flute. In one week time Abel Ngulube a Zambian violinist introduced 3 instruments to him, and was asked to choose one amongst the three. His first choice was to start up a violin but due to the high number of people who wanted to learn a violin his decision was declined and a Viola was given to him. Later then started learning a Viola specialised for alto. With an inspiration from George Violist and Valeria Serrano Violist, He got to love the Viola sound and aimed to become one of the best Violist. He built up his Viola skill through watching YouTube and self practice.

He worked with different organisations such as Circus Zambia, Southern Sun hotel, Alliance Francaise De Lusaka, provided music entertainment to the Image Promotion, Irish Embassy zambia and The National Sports Council Of Zambia on several envents under Vivo Music and Entertainment.


ZMLusaka, Zambia
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Godfrey Lungu

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