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Born on 18 November 1988, Dan Giovanni Mkwezalamba, better known to his fans as Genii Blakk, is one of the talented Malawian musician and record producer. He is the lead MC and CEO of Blantyre based hip-hop group Direct Muzik Group. He attended Chichiri Secondary School. This is where he met up with his longtime friend Elwyn Kachere (Also known as John O’ Dreams). He is well known for his live performance skills which have made him to regarded as one of the forces to rely on when it comes to music.

He had his first break in 2009 when he released a mixtape called ‘Thoughts And Imagination’. The mixtape was recorded and launched by radio DJ Kenny Klips in 2008. In the same year, he recorded his first major studio project entitled ‘The Rhyme Page Theory’ which was released in 2010. The album boosted his fame prompting it to be regarded as one of the best hip-hop CD to be ever purchased in Malawi.

He later worked on an EP entitled ‘All Blakk Everything’. The project was never released due to unknown circumstances but a few songs from the EP ended up leaking and gained massive airplay.

As Direct Muzik Group, he has worked on a couple of projects such as their first album project entitled ‘Untold’. The album featured songs such as ‘Osamadeweza’, ‘By The Moment’, ‘Nothing’ and ‘Dats Dat’. team Direct Muzik Group.


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Genii Blakk
Genii Blakk - Ghetto Princess Don Foxxy Riddim
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Genii Blakk
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