Fula Mi


Professionally known as Fula Mi, has carved his path as a multifaceted artist, music producer, vocalist, and sound engineer, with his creative roots deeply intertwined in the bustling music scene of Nairobi, Kenya.

His journey in music has been nothing short of a symphony of passion and dedication. From the earliest chords strummed to the latest beats crafted, his goal transcends mere notes and melodies; it is to foster a global community where the diverse voices of artists find resonance and celebration. In the ever-expanding tapestry of music and entertainment, he envisions a space that embraces all styles, genres, and ideologies, where creativity knows no bounds, and unity thrives.

Beyond his contributions to the sonic landscape, he is proud to extend my creative vision into the visual realm as one of the founding members of Monokrom Pictures. Through this venture, he has had the privilege of weaving narratives and breathing life into concepts, enriching the artistic tapestry with every frame captured and every story told.

With a harmonious blend of artistic prowess and technical expertise, he stands poised to elevate any project he undertakes, infusing it with the soulful essence that defines my musical journey. As he embarks on this international competition, he does with unwavering determination, ready to share his passion, inspire minds, and forge connections that transcend borders

KENairobi, Kenya
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