Friction is a reggae artist from Ghana. Real name Musah Haruna, he was born in Mamobi Nima, a ghetto in Accra, Ghana.

At 12, he took battling and performing at parties. Many years later, he formed the group VIP (Vision in Progress.) The group was discovered and signed to the label Precise Music in 1997.

In 1998 they dropped their first album 'Bibibaao'. The group became the most popular hiplife-group in Ghana. In 2000 they released their second album 'Ye de Aba'. This album was even more succesfull than the first one. In that same year, Friction featured in a song 'Stop AIDS, Love Life', among many other Ghanaian artists. The song was part of a nationwide AIDS awareness campaign.

Friction left VIP and by 2002, he released his first solo album 'Big Trouble'. His second album, 'Auntie Serwaa', was released in 2006 and he established a studio same year. The year also brought admission to the Fontys Rockacademy, a music school in Holland.

In October 2010, Friction released his 3rd solo album, 'Ghetto Blues'. In 2011, Friction and the other members of VIP reunited to perform at the 4Syte Awards.


Track artwork
Suri Ghana - Need Ya Love - Ft. Friction (VIP)(prod. by Exclipse Empire)
GHAccra, Ghana
In operation since: 


Hipfactory Records
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