Franstrig.s is an Afrobeats and bongo fusion musician and Audio Engineer from Tanzania.

Franstring.s is Audio Engineer, a contemporary live performer, singer, songwriter, guitarist, dancer and choreographer. His music is a mix of innovative East African beats, melodies, funk and Afro fusion which have been created in different traditional dances, melodies and rhythm brought to contemporary music life.

Franstring.s empower the young talented artist from street for bringing them together to learn and participate a live music.

He is also co-founder of IN-TRUTH music group, a music band based in Tanzania, a music band is formed by the young talented artists empowered from the streets.

It is a hope to provide a different perspective to the youth who are inspired by western culture and other music styles. They have not grown up to appreciate their own musical heritage which is disappearing and changing the mentality to the community from "MUSIC IS VAGRANCY" to "MUSIC IS WORK


TZDar es Salaam, Tanzania
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