Founded in 2003 by Claude Ho, FOCHTA (Friends of Claude Ho in Thyolo Association) is a local non-governmental organization working in the Thyolo District of Malawi. The organization is the first local field collaborator that is working with Komai to implement its project called Music 4 Malawi. Their aim is on education. They believe that if children are given the opportunity to go to school, they will have a chance to escape the cycle of poverty into which they have fallen. The organization has helped in a variety of activities such music, dance, drama and many more arts projects.

FOCHTA team also provides school scholarships for students thereby creating opportunities for young people to learn technical and vocational skills. It has programs and services which are designed to address the challenges Malawian students face, from poverty and hunger to trauma and social isolation. Since 2003, the organization has funded 1,803 kids.



Claude Ho
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