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From when he dropped those infamous 16 bars on 'Ukweli na Uwazi' on the now classic 'Wachuja Nafaka' album, Bongo Hip-Hop was born again through the sharp lyricism of Fareed Kubanda, aka Fid Q. In an era where bubblegum rap is prevalent and sugar-coated RnB hooks define a hit, Fid Q is a breath of fresh air. Who else can rock the stage with no gimmicks but pure lyrics?

'Chagua Moja' was an instant hit and a summer anthem in 2005. It was followed by another tribute to his home town, 'Mwanza Mwanza'. One of the most sought-after artists, he has been featured in tracks by Daz Baba ('Namba 8') and underground Swiss rap crew Klykhlas, on their Swiss/Swahili collaboration Daladala Project.

In 2008 he embarked on a successful tour of Germany. Videos for tracks like 'Fid Q.Com', 'Chagua Moja', 'Mwanza Mwanza' and 'Zero' were all well received. In 2011 he released full-length album, 'Vina Mwanzo Kati na Mwisho,' which firmly established him among the hip-hop royalty in Tanzania. He followed this with 'Propaganda' and 'Kitaaolojia.'


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Fid Q
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