Born 21 June 1987, Patterson Chibela Chikesenge, ER is a Zambian rapper who began rapping in April 2011. He was brought up in a family whose background is associated with music with people like Macky2, Chef187 and the late Chrystal Shawn as his family members.

Before entering the rap scene he and a couple of friends founded a record label called 428 in 2009. The outfit was made up of rapper TYLO, Eric Mule (video producer and singer ) and Peezey Cablez (producer and singer). The label grew well and signed artists such as Brisky, Cheryl KIm, Sarah, Bob Muli, The Kicks, Jedi, Eddie Black, Mixie, Mikrophone7 and H.H.C.

His maiden single is called 'Red Naka Black' featuring Chef187. The song was well received by local radio stations. This was followed by another single titled 'Vele Vele'. The song has a remix version which features K.R.I..T.I.C, Kstar and 5iveFour.

In January 2013, he became a born again decided using music to spread the gospel of Christ. His first gospel track featured FJAY. Some of his songs include 'Just 4 You', 'Nkonkonko', 'Not My Portion', 'Am a Believer', 'Big Brother', 'Victory Lap', 'No Worries', 'Lullaby' and 'Ambuye'.

He’s featured on songs like “Legeni” ( Tiye P’s new single ) and has written Briskys two new singles ‘Nwiti’ and ‘Burning’. ER’ has hopes of working with B-flow, Zone fam, Jrox, franciar, JK, Exile, Nana and producers such as TAZZ, Magnus, and Dice from the Copperbelt.

Besides music, he plays basketball and is a computer systems engineer by profession.

ZMLusaka, Zambia


Patterson Chibela Chikesenge
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