Enric Sifa


Singer/songwriter Enric Sifa grew up in Rwanda and lived through the Rwandan Genocide. After losing his parents at the age of nine, Sifa lived on the streets struggling daily for food, shelter, and suffering from loneliness and abuse. To combat loneliness, he sang his mother’s songs and brought comfort to many other street kids. He became known on the streets for his extraordinary talent.

In 2002, Sifa met American business people Tony and Serena Morones who were working to develop Africa New Life Ministries. They helped him get off the street, attend school and gave him a guitar.

Soon after in 2004, he won a national singing competition that put him on Rwandan radio and TV. Sifa speaks and performs in Rwanda and the US, advocating for marginalized children. Many of Sifa’s songs are popular on Rwandan radio and he has released three albums in the United States. He now attends college in Portland, Oregon and hopes to pursue a career in conflict resolution and human rights advocacy.


RWKigali, Rwanda


Enric Sifa
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