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Born in 1992 in Lusaka, Zambia, Eleftherios M (Eleftherios Mukuka) is a Greek-Zambian award-winning rapper and hip-hop artist whose love for music began at the age of seven. He started off by playing the recorder at school. He later moved on to the piano, trumpet and the harmonica. The piano became his major. His passion for hip-hop emerged at the age of ten. A year later, he found himself making hip-hop music.

Besides making hip-hop music, he composes contemporary and classical music. In December 2009, he released his debut album titled ‘Strange Tales’. The seven track music project featured songs such as ‘Circus of The Mad Poet’, ‘Sweet Girlfriend’, ‘Two Wooden Birds’, ‘I'm Not Scared’, ‘I Shall Not Come’, ‘A Man Pass You By’ and ‘I Feel Your Pain’ featuring Themwa. The album dwells under the general genre of hip-hop. It focuses on topics that range from the 20th century history to romance. He composed all the music, wrote all the lyrics and did all the mixing for the album. In June 2010 he released his duet album ‘Incantare’.

The success of his debut single ‘Heart’ (featuring Alan Thompson) made him gain the much needed hype. ‘Heart’ charted at no. 5 on the Danish Chartbase Top 100 in November 2013. It was featured on the Top 40 Winter Hits Compilation CD by Universal Music Greece and scooped a Zambian Born and Bred Music Video Award the following year. He is the first house producer to receive a Zambian Born and Bred Music Video Award. His diversity in genre and innovative approaches to fusion music keep his listeners excited and culturally unbound.

In October 2015, he released a new song titled ‘Milena’. The track is a Zulu love song dedicated to his girlfriend Milena Tmava and featuring the septuagenarian Cephas Maseko. Eleftherios, who has attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, in the U.S., has in the past collaborated with a number of musicians from different genres.

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Eleftherios M.
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