My name is Ekueme and My music celebrates the idea that anything can be turned into an instrument. I showcase my creativity through covers, recordings, performances, jam sessions, and other musical endeavors..


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Ekueme's Vibrant Conga Cover of Richard Bona's(sen sen sen)@Afrikafestival Hertme 2013
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Let Enjoy our Sunday � #percussion #music #drum #band #livemusic
Failure's just a word. Life's a song of growth. Walk towards the music inside, waiting to be heard.
Rhythms are De expression of my soul.The Universe� Resonate with the unique melodies I create.
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Savings Box Percussion Cover: Girl Like You (Viral Tiktok Singing DUET)
�� Crafting Harmony from the Unconventional.@CherylPorterVocalCoach Check this out�❤️�����
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Let Enjoy and vote Because we are Winning This year
Let win this together


Ekueme's Vibrant Conga Cover of Richard Bona's(sen sen sen)@Afrikafestival Hertme 2013
Let Enjoy our Sunday � #percussion #music #drum #band #livemusic
#music #percussion #drum soloist #band #livemusic #beat
Rhythms are De expression of my soul.The Universe� Resonate with the unique melodies I create.
Failure's just a word. Life's a song of growth. Walk towards the music inside, waiting to be heard.
�� Crafting Harmony from the Unconventional.@CherylPorterVocalCoach Check this out�❤️�����
Savings Box Percussion Cover: Girl Like You (Viral Tiktok Singing DUET)
Let Enjoy and vote Because we are Winning This year
Let win this together
Innovative Percussion Cover: EKUEME's Fusion of The Legend of 1900 Theme
Watch And Enjoy This Jazz From The Best Xylophone player Aly Keïta.
Isreal Boka On Drums for Aly keïta
Sunday Church Service hot Hi-Life Groove With EKUEME|EKUEME
Tageo Sisters M3nyim Nyame a .
Israel Boka On Drums For Aly Keïta
Aly keïta and Israel Boka Soundcheck In Abijan
SUNDAY SERVICE WITH |EKUEME|. This Far By Grace Ministered In Church.|EKUEME
This How To Kill A Song On The Coda In The Studio|EKUEME
EKUEME On Ghanaian Praise Jam Challenge.|EKUEME
Ekueme Doing It Again In Church Enjoy This Percussion Solo.
Ekueme Jamming Yedi kunim By Tageo Sisters
Ekueme 30 Sec Hi-Life Groove
Ekueme Showing How To Make It on The Percussion|EKUEME
MOG Hot Ghanaian Praise Medley By EKUEME And Victory Bible Church Love Sanctuary.||EKUEME.
Tagoe Sisters Beautiful Sunday Jamming @icgcwateredgardentemplefij3898 Enjoy...|EKUEME
Ekueme The Sunday Service Drummer
EKUEME And Friends Sound check Jamming Preparing The Road For Tagoe Sisters,Enjoy||EKUEME
Tagoe Sisters "Yedi Nkunim" In Takoradi With EKUEME On Percussion||EKUEME
Ekueme Shows How To Enjoy Ghanaian Amponsah Hi-Life Groove With Friends.|EKUEME
EKUEME Shows How To Fall In Love With Ghanaian Amponsah Groove With Terry Strings And Friends
EKUEME On Hi_Life Groove Again
EKUEME Leading The Whole Band To The Music In The Studio |EKUEME
Forgot The Dance And Concentrate on EKUEME'S Percussion Solo
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Ekueme On Percussion @Hot Afternoon Gospel Reggae Groove With Ato Bonna Enjoy. |EKUEME
When Your Fans Are All Over In The Crowd.
EKUEME Is Enjoying This Studio Sessions With His SPD
This is how To Enjoy Life To The Fullest For me..��
EKUEME Back Again With SPD Studio Jamming..
Watch And Enjoy EKUEME 6/8 Adowa Conga Solo At Campaign for Jesus Crusade
Rehearsal Session With 4G crew Horns Guys
Sunday Church Service At ICGC Watered Garden|EKUEME
Fireboy DML Peru Drum Cover By Kobby Pee.. ||EKUEME
Edey Pain You by Nativ Afrik Band GH..ENJOY FULL VIDEO HERE https://youtu.be/Blwh4t_5G9E
Nativ Afrik At It Again...Enjoy
Enjoy This Hot Ghanaian Praise Jamming
Hot Ghanaian Praise By EKUEME And Friends, Enjoy
Ohemaa Mercy Jams With EKUEME And His Band Back to Back Enjoy.|EKUEME
Ohemaa Mercy Jamming With EKUEME Afreh Junior On Her Song Jesus..Watch And Enjoy The Groove. |EKUEME
Watch how The Oldest Percussionist In Ghana Exhibited His Talent To The Young Ones
Amandze Band At It Again. Watch And Enjoy
Watch And Enjoy This Old Hi-Life Jamming By Amandze Band
EKUEME And Native Afrik Celebrated Nigeria's Independence Day With This Studio And Stage Jamming
Thanks for voting for EKUEME GOD BLESS YOU!!!
Watch And Enjoy  EKUEME's Best Drum Solo And Groove.
EKUEME Best Percussion Jamming Collection. Watch And Enjoy
Enjoy This Hot Ghanaian Praise Groove in the Studio.[EKUEME] SOLO TIME
Watch And Enjoy EKUEME Playing Drum For Soundcheck At Half Assini Senior High School Dinner Dance
4G Brass Band Jamming On Atinka Tv Kronkron Show
4G Crew Jamming Awesome God At Rehearsal
Francis Amo And EKUEME Brass Band Jamming
EKUEME And Francis Amo Met At A Wedding Reception
Thanksgiving Stage Caught Fire When Francis Amo Met EKUEME On Stage
EKUEME's Percussion Playing Puts A Smile On a Young Boy's Face And inspired Him To Play Percussion.
Studio Session With EKUEME @ Audio GH Studio's
Dynamic Praise 2022 Sound Check With EKUEME ������
EKUEME At Dynamic Praise With Sk Frimpong
Amazing Jamming Of Okokroko By Daughters Of Glorious Jesus....
Pentecostal Praise With Sammy Baah And Terry On Guitar..
Ernest Opoku Hot Ghanaian Praise In Takoradi With Terry On Guitar ����
Apostle Bernard Yeboah Twimasi Is Very Passionate About His Worship And Service To God
Kadosh With Joe Mettle In Takoradi Was Fire|EKUEME|
Koda At Kadosh With Joe Mettle |EKUEME|
Fun Time At The Studio When The Crew Took Over After Streaming ����
The Horns Guys Are On Fire |EKUEME| ||EKUEME|| #ekueme #EKUEME
The Joy In Her Heart Alone. This is lovely �♥️�||EKUEME||
Ghanaian Hot Praise Jamming With Elder Mireku And Daughters of Glorious Jesus. |EKUEME|
ICGC Watered Garden Band JAMMING Soul Winners Songs Jazz Praise Session @ICGC Kings Temple
Hot Ghanaian Praise With SP Kofi Sarpong
Soul Winners Jamming In Takoradi
21 July 2022
Best DRUM SOLO ever from my big boss @allplacearthur1649 my boss...this is massive
EKUEME On Heat @ Rehearsal In The studio
SK Frimpong Blessed People Of Takoradi @Kadosh With Joe Mettle
Elder Mireku Hot Sunday Pentecostal PRAISE With EKUEME
Sk Frimpong at Joe Mettle's kadosh ain Takoradi
Soul Winners Jama Made In Taadi...This Will Get You On Your Feet Dancing
Daughters of Glorious Jesus Sings wai kora na oti s3 wo In Takoradi With EKUEME On percussion
Elder Mireku And Daughters Of Glorious Jesus Powerful Pentecostal PRAISE...DRUM CAM
This Is How Soul Winners Ended Their Jamming In Takoradi ...Sooo smooth And Lovely ❤��❤��
James Mireku Having Great Time Jamming With 4G crew In Takoradi
Daughters of Glorious Jesus Jamming With EKUEME In Takoradi....Enjoy And Be Blessed
EKUEME JAMMING WITH Hannah Marfo In Takoradi
JAMMING WITH Joe Mettle At ICGC Watered Garden Temple
ICGC WATERED GARDEN TEMPLE Sunday Church Service Choir Ministration (26/06/2022)
Joyce Blessing Should Be Proud of Eastern Flames Band Doing Amazing On her Song
Jojo Arhin And Band on fire at a wedding Reception With Hot Ghanaian Gospel Hi-life Jam
Francis Amo And Kofi Emma On Fire With This Hot Praises Jam
Hannah Marfo Ministration In Takoradi
The Evergreen Daughters of Glorious Jesus Greatest Ministration In Takoradi
Diana Hamilton Ministration In Takoradi was Awesome @EKUEME playing PERCUSSION
Diana Hamilton Ministration At EKL In Takoradi
VGMA Gospel Song Of The Year...Oti Me Mu By Ohemaa Mercy. studio Session
Joe Mettle's THE KADOSH TOUR.. EKUEME Jamming With sk FRIMPONG On Stage..
Takoradi is more known by this
This is how we make it at Rehearsal
Piesie Esther HOT Ghanaian Praise With EKUEME on DRUM.
Piesie Esther Live In Takoradi,EKUEME On Drums
Okokroko By Daughters Of Glorious @Rehearsal
Mothers Day Service
Hannah Marfo Yesu Kokroko Rehearsal SESSION in the Studio
EKUEME Jamming With Cece Twum with more fire� on the percussion ��
Kofi Emma on heat���...enjoy this from one Ghanaian great drummer
You will love this sound check of Francis Osei On Drums
Eli Eli Saba Tali By Daughter’s Of Glorious Jesus Rehearsal Session @levite’s Studio
Rehearsal Session Of Wadi kunim ama H3n By Daughter’s Of Glorious Jesus
Gyina Pintsi Hot Ghanaian praise Jamming
James Mireku Doing It Again at Pentecost Easter Convention
Best Trombonist In All African Military Band…Including Ghana ��
EKUEME ON HEAT With The Conga�� ….Enjoy Easter � In Sekondi/Takoradi
Ekueme Jamming With Ohemaa Mercy And Sonnie Badu’s Band
Too Much Talent In This Young Boy���Playing Keyboard At Church Service...
Enjoy This Hot Praise Medley For 2022���
Enjoy Ekueme Killing It With Sekondi Prisons Band(The Lions Band).
Stonebwoy storms Oheneyere Gifty Anti`s Brithday Party...
Rhythm 360 Took Brass Band To Church In A Grand Style... You Will Love Brass Band After Watching..
Rhythm 360 Brass Band @ KASAPA FM WITH BRONAT. Enjoy This Gospel Tunes And Be Blessed.
(Drum George vic firt) Women in worship drum cam Hannah Marfo
Elder Mireku Graced And Blessed The Land Of Takoradi With An Awesome Worship Experience @KETEKE
Best Drum solo Of Francis Kweku Osei… He Is A Drum Monster…Watch His All-time Best Drum Solo
Jamming For Mateo Sikaba @ Abba Father.
Women in worship Drum Camera Florence Obinim
(Women in worship)Drum vic firt Playing Drumz for Hanah Marfo
Jamming Soul Winners @ My Church For 31st Night Service….
The Experience With Hanah Marfo In Takoradi This Christmas Season @Women In Worship was Glorious
Christmas��In Takoradi…The Best Band Heated Up Spiritually…With Some Good Gospel Tunes���
Christmas In Takoradi�.Ekueme Back Again With This Electrifying Performance With Sk Frimpong.
Elder Mireku hot praises At KETEKE In Takoradi
Elder Mireku And KODA Worship Together at KETEKE In Takoradi
KODA Introduced Brass Band On Stage At KETEKE In Takoradi . Enjoy The Groove
Cindy Thompson Is A Legend.She took Women In Worship to A Wonderful Atmosphere.
(Women in worship) Osoro Ni Hën Fie By Florence Obinim Drum Camera
Women in worship (my God never fail) by Florence Obinim and George Drum vic firt
George Drum vic firt jamming for Florence Obinim @Women in worship Takoradi.
Florence Obinim Ministration @Women In Worship Takoradi Was Impactful And Full Of Anointing����
SK Frimpong Contagiously Lead Cal Bank Staffs To Praise God At Their Annual Thanksgiving.
Sk Frimpong Minister With Obaapa Christy’s Songs @ Abba Father… Let this be a blessing���
��Obaapa Christy @ The Funeral Of the Father Of Her Percussionist �kpalogo Gh
Enjoy This Praise Jam @Abba Father 2021
This Cover of Jesus Jesus By KODA Is A Genius Work
Victory Belongs to Jesus Best Gospel orchestra cover music�
Do you love to work for God???..Let Get Crazy For God…
Stella Seal And Sk Frimpong featured In This Praise Jamming..Enjoy And Be Blessed
Sound Check @ Abba Father Experience
|EKUEME| This Is The Real Definition Of Praises, Just Enjoy This Amazing Praise Time
Ekueme on stage with Selina Boateng And Sk Frimpong. Enjoy This memorable moment.
Enjoy Selina Boateng’s Amazing Performance In Takoradi With EKUEME On Drumz ��
Ekueme On drumz with Yvonne Menz
Let Us Rejoice With Sk Frimpong As We Praise God
Ekueme Jamming With SK FrimPong @ Cape
When The Sound Engineer Takes Over The Drumz �(AUDIO GH)
Ekueme Jams For Yvonne Menz @ WGMA 2021
EKUEME@Western Gospel Music
EKUEME,Daughters Of Glorious Jesus And Diana Hamilton Featured @ Calvary Praise
Victory Is What We Need Now And God Has Given It To Us���
(Mercy Chinwo) Even The Devil � Knows It’s True That I Serve A Living God������������
����Let Worship Together
Bow Down And Worship By Benjamin Dube ministered @ICGC W@tered Garden Temple
Ekueme Jamming @one week observation part 2
Ekueme Jams @ One week Observation Live jamming coverage
Praises Time With EKUEME At Calvary Praise 2021
(AUDIO GH) Best Ghanaian��drummer Of All Sound Engineers In Ghana
Ekueme �n My Worship By Phil Thompson
Ekueme Jamming For Pastor Joe Beecham @ Calvary Praise 2021
EKUEME Is Very Passionate About What He Does For God In Church ⛪️
Enjoy This Praise Jam Of Ekueme @ Action Chapel Dansoman
Ekueme Pentecost Merdly @ A Crusade
Ekueme Joins Zipo Church Band To Jam With SK Frimpong
Hold On F@st...Ekueme l�cks the Groove On The Drum�
Ekueme will get you in your dancing shoe with this jam
Ekueme plays Drums On JAMA And Unforgettable Praise.
Enjoy this Pentecost Praise With EKUEME On Drum.
Great Ampong With EKUEME At Gomoa Fete.
Ekueme @ Dominion Hour with Sk Frimpong
Ekueme On Drum @Action Chapel Accra(Dansoman) With A Gospel singer
Ekueme On Nigeria Praise
Ekueme On Drums @ ASSIN FOSU
Teaser Of Naasei Hot Praise At Jofos Studio, EKUEME PERCUSSION COVER.��������
Amen By Koda Percussion Cover By Ekueme
When The Choir Went Crazy For EKUEME At Church
EKUEME Reggae Medley At Bethesda Church
Ekueme plays Gyina Pintin In The Best Way Ever.
EKUEME Best Gospel Reggea LiveBand Jamming.
EKUEME Studio Session Playing Cabasa
EKUEME on Bass Guitar ����
EKUEME At Midz-Town Records Studio
EKUEME SetUp For SPP 2020 Are you Ready For SPP 2021����
EKUEME At Church Rehearsal...
EKUEME Kpalogo Drum Solo.�����
Ekueme And Guys Trying Their Hands On Some Funk Groove In The Studio...
Watch The Best Conga Player in The World EKUEME Do His Thing.
Ekueme At Church
Soul Winners Abolo At ICGC watered Garden with EKUEME.
EKUEME Best Energized Hot Praise Jam Ever At Victory Bible Church.
Ekueme Jam Ghana Gospel Praise With Kwame Sikaba An Joe louis And friends Band @ Dynamic praise
Ekueme And Kwame Sikaba @Dynamic Praise 2021
Ekueme On Drums At Church.
EKUEME and The SBM Africa at Dynamic Praise 2021
Ekueme and Kwame Sikaba @Dynamic Praise 2021
Ohemaa Mercy Aseda XPD JAM With EKEUME.
Diana Hamilton Nsenkyerene Nyankopon With EKUEME And 4G Crew.
EKUEME Playing Cabasa In The Studio
EKUEME Jams @2022 dynamics praise.
Ekueme Studio Recording
Ekueme Plays Champion no y3 Baako p3 By Stella Addo At Preston Studio With SPD
Ekueme At Rehearsal At Church
Megyifo k3si
AUDIO GH CEO JONATHAN Showing The Order Side Of Him Behind The Drums With Some Crazy Chops And Licks
Angels Are Around Us, Mrs Rockson And Sheila Adamptey.
Ekueme Jamming Bow Down And Worship You At Church
Ekueme At Church
Rehearsal With Ekueme
Ekueme Having Fun In The Studio With The Playing Of Cabasa
Ekueme Studio Session
Ekueme At Rehearsal With SK Frimpong
Ekueme at Rehearsal in the studio
EKUEME Playing Cowbell In The Studio
Ekueme Xpd Drumpad Jamming At Prestone Studio.
SK Frimpong Dairies Of Dynamic Praise 2020 On Angel Tv.���
EKUEME @ Church Rehearsal
��Hot Ghanaian Local Praise
Ekueme playing drums at Rehearsal At Church.
EKUEME Shows How To Do It When The Light Goes Off During Jamming Time..
Rev Anthony Yawson ,,S3 Me Su Fr3 WO a...
Daughters Of Glorious Jesus Song @ After church
After Church part One
After Church
Something More Than Gold Cover ...
WOW Evangelist Ernestina Konney And Ekueme On Powerful Pentecostal Praise Groove At 4G Groove Café.
(Ohema Mercy Ote Me Mo)Played with SPD by Ekueme.This Is Sweet����
Ekueme Jamming With Team Sk And 4G crew In The Studio...
Ekueme On Drums
Sk Frimpong And Band Rehearsal Session in The Studio.
Ekueme on heat jamming Fire��by Osibisa
Enjoy This Energized Praise Jam 4G Crew And Francis Amo on Adom Gospel Rock Show At Tarkwa Darman.
Kojo Quarm Plays Sweet Gospel Tunes At ICGC Watered Garden...
Best Conga Solo of Soul Winners "Abolo"Jammed By EKUEME And ICGC Watered Garden Band
Conga, Foot cowbell and hi-hat separation with Ekueme in the studio.
Ekueme in his Rehearsal Room
Ekueme Conga Solo At Church
sound check 2
Ekueme Sound check jam 1
Ekueme Jamming With DSP KOFI SARPONG At Dynamic Praise 2019
Powerful Valentine’s Praise with Pastor Joe Beecham...
4G Crew GH Ministers With Brass Band On Atinka TV Kronkron live.
SK Frimpong AFRICAN Highest Praise Rehearsal Session by his Team
SK Frimpong with EKUEME and his team in African Highest Praise Making...����
Best Percussionist In Ghana Now.���� BoBooBo Groove Simply Made By Ekueme
How Ghanaians Do Praises In Italy
������MTN West side Carnival... Ekueme Doing It Again On Stage With The Native Afrik Band ...
Wow SK Frimpong At Ivory Costé..������
Holy Ghost Takes Over At SK Frimpong's Rehearsal�����
SK FRIMPONG And Team At Rehearsal For Dynamic Praise...
Wow Powerful Ministration by G&G. Best Twins Ministration Ever..�����
Joyce Blessing Challenges Ekueme For A Drum Solo At New Takoradi For Christ
Stella Aba Seal Okura Yen Mu sung EKUEME And Praise Cymbals at Dragsincpo 2020....
The trumpet shall sound by Phil Driscoll.
Francis Amo and EKUEME Brassband jam on fire at Thanksgiving.
Fun at rehearsal
Small one from Godfred at Calvary priase 2019
���� Wow.... NTOKOZO MBAMBO ministers at GREATER WORKS spiritually in twi songs...very anointed
EKUEME brings Another one ... Just check the solo...how the percussion is being punished...
EKUEME plays conga solo with seven Congas
Funk Drum Groove
GHTakoradi, Ghana
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