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Eazee (rapper) South African rapper EAZEE BIRTH NAME Banny Mnculwani ALSO KNOWN AS Eazee_SA BORN October 08, 1994 (age24) ORIGIN Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa GENRES Hip Hop, Trap & Club banger OCCUPATION(s) Rapper, Record producer YEAR ACTIVE 2008-present LABELS Blaq Clique Musiq Entertainment ASSOCIATED ACTS LK, Mada-Mo, Em; Jay, Big Dude, Star Magic, Mac-Teezy, Payne, Fre24, 3L, The Silly, Cat Lee & Modern Boyz Contacts info 067 175 3910 Facebook Page: Eazee SA (Email: eazeeassay@gmail.com) Twitter: @eazee_sa_ Instagram: @eazee_sa Banny Mnculwani (born October 08, 1994), better known by his stage name Eazee, is a South African rapper. He is best known for his debut hit single, “Ryder’s Club”. Eazee is currently a signed artist, a South African signed artist. He is currently working on his album titled “Level up” that will be released on July 2017. Early Life Banny Mnculwani was born in Soweto Pimville, situated at Gauteng province in South Africa. He grew up in Pimville, Soweto, a major township in the Gauteng Province. He performed on stage for the first time at the age of 11 at Khanduhle primary school talent show.

CAREER Early career Eazee kept working on his late teen years, opting to not repeat his final year although his pass was not enough to enter him into the major universities in South Africa. In 2012, Eazee formed a crew named Black Clique with his young brother 3L at Musi High Secondary School and started to record their first debut hit single with the late Big Dude titled High and Blessed . Then Star Magic puts them on the studio when Andile The founder of Andy Production refused to signed them under his Production. After Big Dude passed away in 2013(May his soul rest in peace), Things got tougher for Black Clique because Star Magic turned his back against them, then that’s where Mada-Mo got them from their performance at the Park where they was session called After School is After School. Eazee and 3L recorded their second single featuring Mac-Teezy titled “High as F**ked” produced by LK. They continue recording their third single that was produced by Mada-Mo titled “Rhymes from M.L.T” in 2014. Later same year the crew separated as Black Clique. Then in 2015 Eazee worked with a crew called Grinding Squad (Members Fre24, Payne and Em’ Jay) as their producer, produced a single titled Mana Wait means (Wait a minute). Eazee got his first Radio interview at Hillbrow Radio about his debut song “Ryders Club” from his debut album Level up in March 2017. March 2017 Eazee recorded a hit track called No favors featuring Amadlozi from Micracka Entertainment for his Level up Album and the track has a Music Video which got an air play at Soweto TV and Trace Urban/Africa & Channel O and it`s already on Youtube. In 2nd August 2017. He released his Album called Level up and he shot his second Music Video for one of his Level...


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