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Njabulo Luyanda Jali aka Eastside Runner is an artist from South Africa.

He was born in 2003. Raised in the streets of Durban Ntuzuma,Island. Eastside Runner attended St.Anthony's Catholic Primary School then moved on to Avoca Secondary. In 2021 due to a growing passion of music and encouragement from fellow rappers K-Flow and 3lvis528, Eastside entered the studio.

The Start of 2022 presented obstacle every waking minute and hour spent at school felt like an eternity away from the studio, which ultimately led to the rapper dropping out however, the music that came after will make you glad he did.
Eastside's delivery and gripping lyrics make for an exceptional listening experience.The Runner makes his debut with an e.p titled "THE KID WITH GRIT".The E.P does not conform to a single genre but rather blends the elements of Hip Hop, R&B and a hint of jazz

ZADurban, South Africa
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Njabulo Jali

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