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Dully Sykes (born Abdul Sykes in 4 December 1980) is a Tanzanian musician. He specializes in the local Bongo Flava genre.

Also known as Mr Misifa or Mr Chicks, Dully Sykes is a dancehall artist in Tanzania. He has performed in the UK. Following the footsteps of his father Ebby Sykes, a "Manu Dibango-type musician", Dully Sykes is one of the pioneers of Swahili dancehall in the African Great Lakes region, and is widely known for dropping hits like 'Julieta', 'Salome', 'Historia ya Kweli', 'Leah'.

Some of the tracks he has written are based on true life stories. After the first album 'Historia ya kweli' which was released in 2003 people started calling his music 'Mwanasesele', Swahili for a high squeaky noise. With the song 'Handsome' and album by the same name, he became one of the biggest names in young urban music in Tanzania.

In his third album, he proved that he is not only an artist but a fully-fledged musician by mixing different music styles showing his versatility without compromising or changing his unique African voice. To prove that he is multi-talented, he has been producing music at his newly formed Dar es Salaam record label called 'Dhahabu Records' and continues to write songs. He has delivered hooks to lots of artists from Man X's 'Nimechezea Bahati' to P-Funk's 'Please Forgive Me'. One of his tracks titled 'Handsome' can be found on the African Rebel Music "Roots reggae and dancehall" CD compiled by international record label, Out Here Records.

Being in the limelight, Dully is no stranger to controversy or headlining the gossip columns of newspapers. From being caught by traffic police driving a mini-bus when he was at the age of 12 to using pepper-spray at a concert after having a row with the boyfriend of a girl he was flirting with, newspapers always have something to talk about.


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Dully Sykes
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