DJ Shiru


There’s one DJ in Uganda that’s been famed as a remix king. He’s famous for lending dancehall rhythms to even dancehall beats giving them a much wider appeal with the masses. He could easily turn a lazy sounding song in to a dancehall favorite by applying some groovy dancehall magic to it. Stop the guessing it’s none other than DJ Shiru who’s for the past four years or so managed to win a cult following from both fans and recording artists.

He’s one of Uganda’s pioneer video mixing VJ’s that enable discotheque fans to dance to what they can watch. Sitting at his shop number 10 on the first flow of Zainabu Aziz building along Wilson road, he looks quite busy and this you can tell from the queues of music collectors, recording artists or fans seeking his services. He style perhaps also explains his taste in fashion. He’s fond of neat denim jeans and urban designer T-shirts and trainers.


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Ahimbisibwe Gilbert
Dj Shiru - Ladies Night All Ugandan Stars New Uganda music 2012 DjDinTV


UGKampala, Uganda


DJ Shiru
Profile added by Stanley Gazemba on 23 Jun 2015