Oboko Daniel popularly known by his stage name DIAMONDZ hails from the South-east part of Nigeria. His growing up was heavily influenced by hip hop, good music cutting across all genre of music, and going through the struggle like every other guy in the street during the early stage of his carrier.

A graduate of Computer Science and also an IT professional, he obeyed the clarion call during his National Youth Service Corps days days,despite all that, he nourished the bond and gift of rap music in him while facing everyday life on a regular basis. When approached he said that "the world,everything in it and also beyond is MUSIC,that you can virtually make music out of anything,all these things are possible only when its GOD given" (that is if only you are gifted).

When asked about his stage name...he said that Diamondz was the name he gave himself,attributing the precious stone to his personal life...the struggle during the hard times and the strife that kept him on his feet knowing that all the things he has been through is a process that would mould him into a great figure. When asked about his plans for this year he said that this year will speak for itself because the creator is already in control,he stopped by saying(diamond is an expensive treasure deep down in the mud/dirt,to get through it...you must damp into the mud with passion thrive and hard-work.

He has done quite a number of joints in the past years...but i'm glad to let you know that this year he is official out to make real good music that will stand the test of time,you can Google and download his just released track record titled 'NO REGRETZ'.


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Daniel Oboko

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