Dezko Dread


Dezko Dread (real name Michael Shipingana) is a musician from Namibia who was born in Luanda, Angola in the early 1980s. He lost both parents during the Namibian liberation struggle. He ended up in Czechoslovakia, known today as the Czech Republic. As an orphan, Shipingana landed in the SOS Children’s Village in Eros until he completed senior school in 2000. While in Europe, he fell in love with the popular genre of ‘techno-tronics’ and was inspired by breakdancing. After some time in Namibia he went back to Slovakia, where he recorded a few songs with a friend who liked music, which prompted the twosome to establish a group called Japrodukcia.

In November 2013, Dezko Dread launched a 10-track hip-hop album titled ‘Freedom of Speech’ in Windhoek. The debut album featured Exit. ‘Freedom of Speech’ is a mixture of political and social commentaries, laced with no-holds-barred lyrics that address subjects such as corruption, poverty and the killing of women.

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Dezko Dread
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