Deben Natale


Otlaathusa Tshipa, best known by his stage name Deben Natale, is a musician and a songwriter form Botswana whose love for music began at a tender age. As a youngster he would sing in public and funerals thus helping his family to earn a living. The serenity that he experienced whilst herding goats and cattle at his Megagarupe cattlepost in the Letlhakeng area inspired him to be a poet and a musician.

His cousin Astely Gops later encouraged him to sing their late uncle's songs and keep his spirit going. Deben adopted the idea and later did projects such as ‘Sejaro, Tshipa’ where he took out a song from his uncle's repertoire of songs ‘Sebodu’. The album was recorded at Kalakuta Records Studio. Some of his songs include ‘Sebodu’, ‘Sebai’, ‘Kgomo’, ‘Esele’ and many more.

BWGaborone, Botswana


Deben Natale
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