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Danielle Swagger is an Epitome of courgeous and determined among the rest . The 26 year old female rapper's real name is Boitumelo Ben, born and raised in Gaborone, Botswana.

Danielle started doing music professionally in 2012 whilst working with Dawg Instinct Records. She became a success when she appeared on flavadome with JT Specialboy performing in 2011. The femcee has been recording ever since with different artists including making backup vocals for artists like Spiza, H.T, Tekonoize, Bicko G locally and featiring French artists in the long run; Queen Favie, Cinkiemé Degree, Alex Sorres and more to come.

In 2013, she released a single "Wanna Beez" ft JT SpecialBoy on soundcloud. It was the debut single and from there she released a Miguel - Adorn (Cover) which thrilled her fanbase that continues to rapidly grow. In that moment, The femCee was part of the D.W. I.M.G "Deal with it money gang" which by then was co-owned by Finale PrettyBoi "Mbesi Mothudi" and JT SpecialBoy "Nqobizitha Ben" . Danielle Swagger recorded a couple of songs like "Motswako Anthem" which she did the chorus and "We Ain't Gonna Stop" ft D.W.I.M.G artists. She describes her music as hip hop but more in the moment, realistic and wise. In 2015, she partnered up in studio with JT SpecialBoy on a single titled "Sheba Gusheshe" which did hits on some local radio stations and a few villages in surrounding areas when on tour. Mmegi and The Voice wrote very good articles with exquisite head lines. She continued to collaborate with events like Dros Friday's to help them grow and then she met "Christophe Durand" who introduced her to French Musso "Fabio Maurouvin" who is a producer and pianist, one of the best in Reunion Island where he resides. The two collaborated on a hip hop track titled "I got it" which is inclusive of their tastes in music. She signed a Digital Distribution Deal, meaning all her music was now available online for Streaming and Sales. "I GOT IT" was then released on all platforms and that meant the brand could now expand abroad, in addition was premiered on Hip Hop Friday's with Geespot and Gouveia who were overwhelmed by the artists improvement in her delivery in 2016. In 2017, Danielle Swagger collaborated with MC Bad on "Apology song" and released an online single titled "Right On Time" ft JT SpecialBoy & Anla. The FemCee then travelled to France to promote her Brand "Danielle Swagger" and currently she is settled in Reunion Island where she has already collaborated with "Cinkieme Degre" on #DansUnRegard, started her international professional modelling career under freelance and developing her clothing brand which will be soon available. Her last single & Music Video released in November 2019 . Check it out : https://youtu.be/Xzv6zeSnr9w


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