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Da Fugitivz are pioneers of the Gambian hip-hop scene. The band isone of the country's most successful rap groups ever. After leaving high school, Tazman (Tijan Jabang) hatched the idea of a four-boy hip-hop crew who would also dip into ragga, dancehall, RnB in the U.S. or local style. Other members include Muhammed Kah (Mo-Hawk), Joseph Senghore (Seabreeze) and Samuel George (DJ Graduate). Tasman stands for raga and dancehall style, Mo-Hawk is into rap in Wollof language (Gambia's local lingual franca), Seabreeze impresses with his sentimental R&B and DJ Graduate spices up the dancehall and ragga tunes. The name 'Fugitivz' means they are avoiding society's problems by being a fugitive to it.

The band produced a smash debut single titled 'Ndongo Dara'. The song was about street children who beg for handouts instead of being in school swiftly followed by another two called 'Lingai Jai' (translated means "what you are selling" and is an anti-drugs track) and 'Indilmasa Love' ("bring me your love"). With these 3 songs, they were able to get serious nationwide attention in The Gambia.

Their debut album 'Fu 4 Life' was produced 1998 in the Sunu Flavours Studio in Dakar. It featured sentimental RnB songs, original rap and a combination of well-mixed dance hall tunes. the album expanded their recognition beyond the country's borders to the West African region. This was followed by a three-month tour to Germany. The group has featured in an exclusive Africa Raps. Back in Gambia, they recorded a new album at Yellogate Studios with Elie Nachif.

In 2000, Tasman, Joe, Mohawk and Sam made their second international trip to America in Atlanta, New York and North Carolina. In 2001, they were offered a two year contract with the Paris-based record label Atoll Music. They produced an album called 'Escaped'. the album features 12 tracks and has hits such as 'Sha La La Laa', 'Express Yourself', 'See No Evil', 'Be Mine' and 'Who Dem' followed by gigs in London and Stockholm. At the end of their contract with Atoll Music, Da Fugitivz decided to move to Scandinavia. They signed a three-year contract with Double-Dog Records recording two albums. Later they joined the Swedish music house Bonnier Amigo Music Group (the largest Scandinavian independent record label). In 2005, Da Fugitivz entered into a three-year contract with Double Dogs Records based in Stockholm which helped them taking a big step forward ever since.

GMKanifing, Gambia
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