Couture Africa


Couture Africa is a multi-platform women’s fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine that touches on every aspect of a woman’s life, from fashion and beauty to relationships and career, from food and restaurants to finance and decor. It is an aspirational magazine that educates as well as entertains.

Couture Africa is a high quality publication that boasts of high quality photography and print, as well as an easy to read, easy to follow layout amass with captivating features. It is the magazine every woman wants to have on her bedside, home page, tablet or coffee table to slowly read through, throughout the month.

At Couture Africa they pride themselves in their ability to source for uniquely interesting and dynamic stories and features, as their main purpose is to inform their reader, day after day and month after month, on maters pertaining to their lives.

At COUTURE Africa we Live Life and Love Africa!


KENairobi, Kenya


The Editor
Profile added by Stanley Gazemba on 17 Jul 2014
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