Conservation Music


OUR MISSION To enable grassroots action for a healthy planet by cultivating the use of music as an educational tool.

OUR VISION A global community that stewards the Earth, in which the memorable, emotional, and unifying power of music contributes to the balance between humankind, nature, and society.

Planet Earth is home for all of us.

WHAT WE DO MEDIA PRODUCTION We collaborate with local musicians in local styles and languages to produce eco-minded songs and music videos for distribution through radio and TV, online, and throughout a network of dozens of local chapters, implementing partners, schools and extracurricular programs, and more!

CLASSROOM RESOURCES We develop classroom materials to encourage fun, engaging and versatile eco-education for teachers in our program countries and around the world!

LIVE EVENTS & WORKSHOPS We lead all sorts of live workshops, concerts and other events to benefit musicians, communities, schools and all people interested in the union of music with the environment. Some of our most successful events include songwriting workshops, eco-concerts and musical activations.

WHAT IT'S FOR ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION Going further than raising awareness, we create opportunities for real education to take place to enable action for the planet and its people! Through musical storytelling, we are opening people’s minds to new facts and ideas, reinforcing prior learning, and creating conviction through music’s incomparable ability to tap into human emotion.

RALLY PUBLIC AND POLITICAL WILL Humanity has seen the role music played in taking on the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights movement, the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and more. History has been, and will continue to be shaped by its musicians. The Earth cannot speak for itself save for deadly disasters. It’s time to speak up for it, before it’s too late! The public and those in positions of power must be on the same page, we all have roles to play in protecting the Earth and each other.

MOBILIZE THE MUSIC INDUSTRY The music industry has vast influence and resources that can be put to work for the planet. We intend to facilitate that realization worldwide. It’s time to make this responsibility known by the industry itself, and to make it easy for the music scene to take part in saving our planet and protecting its people!

HOW WE DO IT COMPOSITION Our skilled team of facilitators collaborates with artists all over the world to create something unique with a powerful message. We are also available for song commissions.

RECORDING Whether using our own mobile studio or borrowing a personal or professional studio space, we have the chops to record, mix, and master a quality track.

VIDEO We specialize in music videos, interviews, web series, and documentary films!

LIVE EVENTS Collaborations with festivals like Bushfire and Rocking the Daisies have us excited to bring our inspired friends around the world! We’ve also thrown plenty of benefit concerts, and our founder Alex is available for public speaking, too!...


#FacesofCM: Dr. Oliver Mtukudzi | Legend “Tuku" talks environment, childhood, and the power of music
#FacesofCM Interview: Mbangwa | Okavango Delta Yei poler and guide talks music and climate change


#FacesofCM: Dr. Oliver Mtukudzi | Legend “Tuku" talks environment, childhood, and the power of music
#FacesofCM Interview: Mbangwa | Okavango Delta Yei poler and guide talks music and climate change
Samalilani- Theresa Ng'ambi, James Sakala, Maureen Lilanda, Pompi & Shaps | Zambian music for earth!
Mmaballeng Montlenyane- Sereetsi & The Natives, Gaone Rantlhoiwa, Stiger Sola | Okavango delta song!
#FacesofCM Interview: Tomeletso Sereetsi | Star of Botswana's Sereetsi and the Natives
#FacesofCM: Machaingwe | Worldly reflections of a village elder after finally playing guitar again
Hayilondo Teni Nyika Yedu - Tormeta feat. Mambanje | Zimbabwe community unites for Earth w/ music!
Sons of October - Yes Rasta! | Zambian musicians teach climate change solutions!
Protect Our Water - Haikuu, Tribute “Birdie” Mboweni & Thabiso Thabethe | Pretoria music for change!
Metsi A Rona - Tlokoeng Community | Lesotho community music sings about rural climate challenges!
#FacesofCM: Smiles Makama | eSwatini's inventor of the "Smilophone" talks innovation and plant music
Day Zero - Jack Mantis, KhoisanBoy.Man & Chuma Mgcoyi | Cape Town's climate change crisis in music
OpenExplorer: Underway - Children Sing "Metsi Ya Rona" ("Our Water") - Tlokoeng, Lesotho
OpenExplorer: Underway - Flight Above Theewaterskloof Dam
Molao Oa Lekhulo - Pitso Rah Makhula | Lesotho musician reminds herdboys of pasture laws
Lerato La Lekhulo - Selimo Thabane | Lesotho celebrity calls for patriotism and responsible herding
Conservation Music's Expedition #K2K
Boleng Ba Lekhulo - Mme Puseletso | Lesotho famo music legend links healthy pasture to gainful herds
Tushange Isamu - Mosi Oa Tunya | Zambian musicians speak out against deforestation!
Official Teaser : Our Music, Our Environment
Call to Action: Our Music, Our Environment Documentary
Heal it Now - CM #CrowdStudio (Bushfire Festival) | Dozens of passersby create climate change anthem
CM Praise: Promotional Video from James Madison University
CM Spotlight: #Crowdstudio @ MTN Bushfire Teaser
CM Spotlight: Birth of a Movement: Conservation Music Lesotho
CM Spotlight: Morija Community Cleanup in VR
CM Spotlight: Community Cleanup in Morija, Lesotho
CM Spotlight: Famo Band "Lekhalong Music" in VR
CM Praise: Emmy Award Winning WTVR CBS 6 "I Have A Story" Special
Okavango O Moxa - Stiger Sola, HT, Leshie Lovesong | Botswana musicians call fellow citizens to act!
Ngope La Musi - Sotho Sounds, Morena Leraba, Pitso Rah Makhula | Lesotho artists sing about erosion


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