Club Lambada


Kenya's ultimate party experience where award winning DJs and spectacular atmosphere conspire to take you to places and heights you've never before imagined! Home of local and international artists and the finest parties in Mombasa city!

Feel the quiet calm stirring from within as dusk sets in and the day comes to a close. Cool romantic lights come to life, setting the mood just right! All you have to do is pick a sweet spot by poolside; sit back and relax with your favourite drink in hand.

Located in Mtwapa area of Mombasa, past the main shopping centre of Mtwapa, Club Lambada is on a two storeyed building with bars atop just as well as below but with other facilities on the first floor. These facilities include health bar for the non - alcoholic drinkers, in-water-bar for those who would like to enjoy their drinks while in a swimming pool, barber and salon services, a boutique for the gift shoppers, and a splash disco for the water dancing lovers.

Ideally located in this small busy area of Mtwapa, Club Lambada is open all the days of the week as it provides other services other than night time entertainment, and especially with its restaurant, which offers ala carte menus and of notable mention is the new addition to their menus, sea food, Club Lambada is joint for all generations at all times.

Club Lamdada has an ample parking area and a sister hotel, Lambada Resort for those in need of long term stay around the property.


KEMombasa, Kenya


The Reception
Profile added by Stanley Gazemba on 10 Jun 2014