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Kaiga Mutundu, affectionately known as Chris Kaiga, is an award-winning Afro-Pop artist and aspiring actor making East African musical strides ushering in the subgenre, Debe. Chris’s signature sound is a stylistic fusion of sheng, uptown beats, trap and theatrically conceptual videos, which move in unison with playful lyricism and distinct musical flow, giving his brand a cut-above-the-rest edge.

Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, his passion for music stemming from a colourful family upbringing cultivated him to transmute a hobby into a full-blown career. Chris Kaiga’s journey into music began in 2009 from a keen interest in music production that morphed into an all-encompassing path into music artistry. Chris released his debut single in 2011 with the assistance of his sound engineer, Asi Akatsa.

With a rich collaborative foundation, his colorful background includes being part of musical groups such as SLAP (Sounds Like A Plan), Usual Suspekts, KHM (Kwenye Hii Masaa), Chris ventured into his solo career in 2018 and built a bubbling notoriety which 0toppled over into household status.

 Chris Kaiga’s 2019 solo release “Zimenice (feat. Tezzla)” was followed by chart-topping singles such as ‘’Bundas’’,‘’Chain Chain”, “Konkodo (featuring Kiloriti)”, “Next” “Mastingo (featuring Kahu$h)”, “I Want (featuring Mutoriah)”, and a feature on “Hapo Tu” by Nyashinski which have collectively enjoyed varied nuances of success.

The Nairobi sensation was nominated for the Xtreeme music awards for “Zimenice (feat. Tezzla)”  in addition to a 3-year staple recognition with the Pulse Music Video Awards. His three year run with the PMVA boasts an award for the Best New Artist category in 2019, followed by two nominations for 2020’s “Mastingo (featuring Kahu$h)”, (Best Choreographed Video of the Year), and “I Want (featuring Mutoriah)” in 2021 respectively.

Chris Kaiga is no stranger to the television screen or stage, tucking a sleuth of special appearances into his profile. From MTV, KTN and Nation TV coupled with awe-inspiring performances for the Dusk Oktoberfest, Jameson Connect and Sol Fest, to name a few, he prides himself on an unrivalled stage presence irrespective of the medium of performance.

In keeping with his vision of growing his musical career and business acumen, Chris Kaiga’s latest offering, Adventures of Chris Kaiga, sheds an insightful perspective into the daily life of a Nairobi custodian, driven by the ambition to shed light on his culture, its distinct sounds and archived gems are hidden in the untold stories within Kenya's historical discourse.  


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