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Charged Power is the ultimate premium and lifestyle brand for portable chargers and smartphone accessories.

The company works with different companies and organisations to provide a wide range of products. Charged Power assists companies to get the most out of their devices in its digitally connected world thereby ensuring that they are always charged up wherever they are.

Clients can purchase the company's products online anywhere around the world. Some of the top clients it has worked with include South African top musician Judith Sepuma and the 2019 Mzansi Kwaito Music Awards.

Below is the kind of experience you get from Charged Power devices:

Compact, mighty power on top

Compact, durable and well designed, with style conscious customers in mind, their portable power banks are the perfect travel companion compatible with Apple, Android and many other devices. Not only will users remain connected on the move, they'll remain connected in style.

Personalised power on the go

With an attractive array of colours to choose from, Charged Power elegant power banks have different tastes covered. Charged Power provides a more personalised experience, allowing users to choose which capacity and style is most suited for their needs. With their dedicated technical sales support team ready to assist, choosing the right product for your device will never be a daunting task.

Guaranteed performance

The reputable company believes in the quality of its products and are proud to offer one year manufacturer’s warranty with every purchase, to help you get more from your device with confidence.


Never miss a special moment on your mobile phone! CHJGD Kaset
The best High Capacity Quick Charge Portable Charger! CHJGD Magnum Opus 20000 mAh
Charged Power
The 80s/90s Cassette is Back! CHJGD Kaset Power Bank from
CHJGD® USB Retractable and Tangle Free Multi Charger Cables
Unboxing CHJGD® ('CHarGeD') Ultra Compact Range Power bank
CHJGD® ('CHarGeD') Ultra Compact 10000 mAh Power Bank
CHJGD® ('CHarGeD') Fastcharge Premium Luxury 4000mAh Gold Power Bank
CHJGD® 'CharGeD' Midas Premium Luxury 8000mAh Power Bank.A best power bank brand
CHJGD® ('Charged') Midas Premium Portable Charger


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