Carola Kinasha (Shada)


Both Tanzanian and Maasai by tribe, Carola Kinasha was born as one of 8 children, in Longido, a remote village near the Kenyan border. Her father played accordion, her brothers played piano, organ and guitar, and her mother still sings in the village choir.

Village life in Longido didn't mean isolation from outside musical influences. While away at school or traveling, Carola's older siblings would bring home music from the rest of the world. Her late brother Esto brought home country music, gospel and calypso; Abedi soul and classical, Oculi Tanzanian and Congolese music while her sister Judy brought home South African music. At the same time Carola would attend every traditional ceremony within walking distance of her home, where she could hear Maasai warriors and girls singing and dancing.

It is little wonder that Carola is now recognized as one of the pioneers of traditional fusion music in Tanzania. Carola's band, Shada, began in the late 80s with the aim of creating an authentic Tanzanian sound. 'Maono,' meaning vision in Kiswahili, is their second album.

The music crosses cultural boundaries, from Tanzania to the Congo, a unique blend of the traditional with the present, proudly Tanzanian and forever Maasai.


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