Botswana Musicians Union


Founded in 2011, the Botswana Musicians Union (BUM) is the largest Government recognized art sector NGO in Botswana with 1000 members from all its nationwide spread districts. The union hosts the annual Botswana Musicians Union Awards that are aimed at celebrating and acknowledging deserving artists for their hard work yearly and they also assist the government in hosting the annual Presidential Day Celebrations and Arts and Culture Pitso.

The NGO is funded by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture through an annual grant from its department of Arts and Culture, aimed to assist with the NGO's operations. The main committee at head office is represented by seven members namely the President, Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer and 3 additional members.
The district chapter committees comprise of five members, the chairperson, secretary, treasurer and two additional members.

In April 2016, BOMU president, Michael Mmusi said he is planning to transform the union by undertaking three major projects, namely Miss BOMU, Music Therapy concert and revamp the artist’s annual awards.


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Botswana Musicians Union
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