Bothwell Nyamhondera


Bothwell Nyamhondera is one of Zimbabwe’s finest producers who was born and bred in Mutare. He attended his primary and secondary education in Mutare and moved to Harare in 1978 upon completion. While in Harare, he formed a group called Octave. The group was made up of members such as Ernest Sando, Louis Mhlanga, Chris Chabuka, Eppias Paradza, and the late Alfred deSousa. In 1980, he joined Shed Studios as a trainee engineer.

He worked at Shed until 1982. He then joined Gramma Records where he worked for 22 years as their resident engineer and later became their chief producer. In 2004, he left Gramma Records to work as a freelance engineer / producer at different studios. He had a brief stint at Last Power Media from 2009 to 2011. He left for the U.K. to join his family. He came back in 2013 and joined Diamond Studios.

Nyamhondera is the man behind the success stories of many top musicians in the country, chief among them Alick Macheso, Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria and the late Tongai Moyo, among others whom he recorded with during his tenure at Gramma Records.

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Bothwell Nyamhondera
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