Blackrich Montana


Blackrich Montana is a young artist in South Africa aged 19,his real name is Kurata Bolofo,he was born on the 13 of June 2004. He started his music carrier at the age of 9 . His first release was Imali featuring his best friend Tlhokz mellow. He then be the founder of Defense Omnision Suspicious Company which is a music company working with Artists all around the world. Now he stood up to be the most popular artist in his home town and the only upcoming artist who worked with the international artists at his age. He currently focuses a lot in creating content with good lyrics and when listening to his songs we only recognise he talks about his life more often. He got a real good vision of what he's doing and that's motivating all upcoming artiss in his hometown. He only got s friend from Nigeria named Hero Burst Brain


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ZABethlehem, South Africa
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Kurata Bolofo

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