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Black Mango has been running for over 10 years as an events management company, promoter and record label. Their core services include: music and brand strategy, experiential marketing strategy, event production management and artist management.

They have produced events as far afield as Ibiza, the UK, New York, Amsterdam, Malawi, Barcelona and Berlin. They promoted Johnny Clegg’s shows in London for eight years and ran the Amabala Music Festival - the largest South African music festival to take place in London. They run the finances of the UK festival Standon Calling and as a collective have run experiential campaigns for numerous clients, including Nokia, Heineken and Fifa, as well as several government departments. They also host the Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference.

Black Mango love music so much so that they started their own record label in 2003 which they ran for several years. They released a number of artists and compilations under Black Mango Music and an African hip-hop sub-label called Afrolution. Although they have no immediate plans to release more albums, they have kept two of their flagship compilations alive.

ZACape Town, South Africa
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Trenton Birch

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