Bokang Motalingoane, popularly known as BKNGGG, is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter who explores music through his voice and instruments. The indie-soul artist is commonly known for performing with his guitar but BKNGGG is actually a multi-instrumentalist who plays piano, flute, bass, percussion, clarinet and drums. Styling himself to be the African “FKJ” he occasionally treats audiences to his live loop set. Hailing from Maseru, Lesotho, BKNGGG grew up in a creative household with some members of his family even being musicians. He started making music as an outlet, a form of expression that he truly enjoyed. He moved to South Africa for university and used the opportunity the move provided to continue pursuing his musical career.

BKNGGG’s music is best described as warm and tranquil, similar to Frank Ocean with the styling of Masego. A sentiment shared by his ever-growing fanbase. He has performed all over Lesotho and South Africa as both a solo artist and as a guitar accompanist, showing that he really does hold his own as a guitarist and instrumentalist, to almost unanimous positive reception. He is known for his unique and absorbing live performances. More and more the artist has been taking strides in incorporating new elements into his live sets, leaving audiences eager and excited for his next show.

A fun fact is BKNGGG uses live performances as a refiner for his songs as he prepares them for the studio.

ZABloemfontein, South Africa
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