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Bibie Anyankor- Brew, aka Bibie, is an Heiress from a long tradition of travelers and musicians. As a child she spent her early years following her parents as they travelled across the world as diplomats. Her father a poet, painter and career ambassador acquainted her from a young age with the cultural diversity and musical genres from different parts of the world.
Her uncle King Bruce, a renowned Ghanaian musician well known for his popular compositions in the Highlife music of the 60’s, had six music orchestra’s(bands) and played the saxophone. When the family returned to Ghana in the seventies, at the tender age of 14 years old Bibie won her first talent show Award on National television GBC (Ghana Broadcasting Co-operation) now GTV which she regularly performed on popular singing programs either with the television orchestra, or accompanying famous performers of the day on their tours across the country from the age of fifteen.
After passing her A levels (baccalaureat), Bibie, put her studies on pause when she decided to pursue a career as a singer accompanying a young university group known as ‘Boombaya’ on their maiden trip to London for a two-month recording contract with EMI records. After a few years in England, Bibie returned to Ghana and continued her musical development performing and working in studios with accomplished west African Musicians experimenting different music styles and building a notable resumé from Ghana, Togo, Nigeria and the Ivory Coast between the years of 1979/ 82.
In 1984, she was given the opportunity to go to Paris, where she met French composer Jean Paul Dreau. She got her big break when her first French single ‘Tout Doucement’ was released in 1985 by CBS records hitting the European ‘TOP 50’ charts selling 1M single copies within 3 months of its release, suddenly revealing her to French audiences for the 1st time in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg & Belgium, and francophone territories around the Globe propelling her to the top of the charts for many weeks. This was quickly followed by a 2nd hit tune ‘J’Veux Pas L’Savoir’ equally topping sales at 800K copies sold followed by music collaborations in association with humanitarian causes on the African continent. It was the first time an African artist had sold that many records in such a short space of time on the French international music market with a single song.
Since then, Bibie has gone on to record and release 6 concept albums in French relating to social issues and life. Her last French recording was in 2004 with the album ‘Sereine’ with Universal Records France. She has toured the world and done hundreds of performances across France, Europe Africa and the French Iles between 1985 to date and just returned from a National French tour entitled ‘Star 80’ which she has toured on since 2010.
In 2006, Bibie returned home and set up a creative platform called “New Morning Arts Café Theatre & Creative Centre” in her country...

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