“Bella” whose real name is Barbara Ndagire, happens to be one of the latest and hottest upcoming female entertainers. She went to Kitante Primary School, Makerere College School, Mengo Senior School for her education and is currently pursuing a degree in Secretarial Studies at Makerere University.

Thanks to her latest effort titled "Fassi" (meaning give way, Bella seems to be representing the ladies with thunderous dance hall rythm that's tearing nightclub dance floors apart. The impressive dancehall bass is baptised by bella's efoortless lyrical delivery giving the listener an ear friendly display all the way through.

It's been sampled at Club Silk, Angenoir and Volts discotheques so far and if the manner in which the crowd is receiving it is to be used as a yardstick then you can as well call it a hit soon to storm radio countdown charts. That' s if programmers are searching for the songs anyway.


UGKampala, Uganda


Bella Music
Profile added by Stanley Gazemba on 10 Jun 2015